Elect Regina Hellinger

Regina Hellinger is the only teacher running to fill the seat that Rick Roach is vacating on the school board. With Rick’s departure, there will be ONE school board member out of EIGHT that has any experience in the classroom.

Regina has been a teacher and leader in education for over 20 years. This is the time for Hellinger to bring her experience and expertise as an educator, combined with her skills as a conflict resolution mediator, professional coach, and small business owner to make OCPS the best it can be.

Smarter Spending:  We need to look more closely at what we are spending our time and money on. Teachers have seen their paychecks go down over the past few years, making it impossible for some to stay in the profession. We need to figure out a way to keep our dedicated teachers, our greatest asset, and promote a climate of respect and appreciation for them, including what we pay them.

The amount of time we spend testing is highly disproportionate to the amount of time we spend on meaningful instruction.  We need to soften our focus on testing and increase our focus on authentic instruction that promotes teacher creativity and excites students about their own learning.


Smarter Collaboration:  We live in a state that is highly focused on education.  This is GREAT news!  The problem is that key players from the State Legislature down to the individual schools are not collaborating.  We need to focus our energy as a team, with all members working together.  Currently decisions are being made by people who do not understand what really happens in our schools.  We need to bridge this communication gap.  With my background in conflict resolution, coaching, creative problem solving, and co-active leadership, I will bring skills and strategies to the school board that will get us to work together and create a climate of respect and appreciation for one another that we need to excel as a school district and capitalize on our combined strengths and talents!

With Science Olympiad students and winners!

Smarter Students:  Students in the 21st century need to be able to be critical and creative thinkers.  They need more than being filled with information that is needed to do well on a test.  They need to know how to integrate information, use it to produce things, and apply it to real life situations.  We need to collaborate with partners in the business community to get a feel for how our graduates are actually performing in the real world and use this data to better address the areas that we are falling short of preparing our students for successful careers.  Like it or not, we have all come to realize that bubbling in the right answer on a test is not what prepares our students for life long success.  It is time to start providing our students with the education they deserve and need!